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wtf who is the one on the left he’s gorgeous
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if icarly was a real website run by three 13 year olds it would look like thisimage

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1. I hope one day you realize loving yourself is more important than having a line of boys ask you out on a date. You will find something in you that you never thought you were looking for. You will be at peace with yourself.

2. It doesn’t seem like it today, but soon you will be able to lie on your bed without thinking about the funeral in your head. Patience.

3. There is a reason God didn’t give you the amazing talent to sing, or dance, or calculate a mathematical equation under sixty seconds. Your writing is not useless. Wait until you find someone willing enough to read.

4. She cut you up like a paper doll. Yes. They made you seem small, like a fool, like a dog wagging its tail trying too hard. Let them. It’ll make for a great story later.

5. Don’t let their blunt knives and sharp tongues turn you into one of them. These people used their words to pull down others like you. Use yours to lift these people up, to remind the girls with stick legs not to run in front of a city bus.

6. He is not prince charming, love. None of them are, and you are not a princess. You’re a villainess. You’re the evil queen. Own it. Kill anyone who says you’re not the fairest of them all. It is you who will save yourself.

7. Right now, you are a wreck, and a mess, and it will seem like no part of you is salvageable. It gets better.

8. Another gift you’ll discover is how to be both soft and hard at the same time. To be both sharp and gentle. Pyre and tea. Grateful and selfish. Kind and harsh. You will be self-aware. You will be human. You will be stardust, and cracked bones, and rips of the galaxies.

9. Greater things await you. Yes, you deserve them. Yes, you are capable.

10. You will learn all this one day, soon. Patience. Patience. Patience.

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This is Bangtan style!
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